Location: Málaga.
Client: Private.
Surface: 225 m2.
Date: 2017.
Estado: Finished.

The housing is built on a small terrace house optimizing the small dimensions of the site.

The new housing reproduces the formal characteristics of the existing one, introducing uses adapted to current needs and properly sized.

The alignment of the building, recessed from the road, adapts to the existing topography in a hillside area, located on a platform that, as a base, differentiates the garage floor and access road from the enabled as housing.

The living area is divided into two floors. A backyard offers Southeast orientation and, therefore, more suitable.

In extension with the access lobby, the staircase is aligned with the dividing wall and is the real claim of the project. As a small interior courtyard, a translucent enclosure of shaped glass extends it to the skylight located on the roof, also giving access to the solarium located on that floor.

Stylistically the facades are resolved as white cloths into which the existing cantilevers and holes are inserted, some of them singled out by metal drawers and others protected by high density compact wood slats.