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Location: Málaga.
Client: Private.
Surface: 288 m2.
Date: 2017.
Phase: Finished.

The house is projected with two conditioning factors in the plot, the great existing unevenness that, however, allows access from two fronts and the orientation in slope to the East and West which causes that the sun exposure conditions and views are in a transversal direction.

From the lower street will rise a platform on which sits the new level of housing. In this level of the ground floor, the house is integrated with the pool and, in an ascending development, the original topography is maintained until reaching the upper level.

The hose with ‘L’ form delimits a rear area of ​​a more private and protected character to which the living areas, the garden and some reception and service spaces are opened, situating the latter in more discrete positions.

The staircase, which is more sculptural, also serves as a transition between the living room and the kitchen, and communicates this floor with a superior space in which the entrance hall and the reading room / library are located. From it and on the floor cross gives access to the body of bedrooms and toilets.

The color, texture and incidence of light generate changing surfaces that bring warmth and quality to both the exterior and interior.