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Location: Mijas (Málaga).
Client: Private.
Surface: 245 m2.
Date: 2017.
Phase: Finished.

There are two main conditioning factors:

  • the slope of the plot with a single access road situated at lower level and,
  • its north-east orientation in unevenness, which causes that the sun exposure conditions and views are given longitudinally, but also towards the adjoining property.

These characteristics that could be understood as disadvantages of the plot, have been reinterpreted as virtues of the project, basic aspects to design the house.

An outdoor parking is conditioned at the lower level allowing access to the living floor through an ascent staircase. The original topography remains without drastic interventions.

The house is located on a base of white concrete with formwork system of local bush-hammered limestone. This fact defines the guidelines of the project for an ideal exposure conditions of the house and also seeks the best views avoiding the housing adopts a predominant position on the ground. As a result, more linear and fragmented geometry.

The stairwell functions as a separation diaphragm between the day and night areas, as well as introducing natural lighting through a skylight.

The nature of the materials defines in themselves the chromatism of the home, integrating itself into the environment from a respectful perspective.