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Location: Ceuta (España).
Client: Cruz Roja Española. Oficina Provincial de Ceuta.
Surface: 2.289 m2.
Date: 2016.
Phase: In progress.

The planned action is intended to provide the building with a representative urban character.

The new headquarter offers versatility by opening and closing areas without being limited by the conserved structure.

Again, the inconveniences of location are considered virtues of the project: the old backyard of the building is transformed into an entrance agora. A new runway connects “Juan I de Portugal” street with the first floor of the building, flying over the treetops. The facade, more broken in this orientation to the south, is covered with a system of stretched metal panels in a zigzag multicolour system. The gaps are emphasized by the use of wooden folding shutters.

Inside, the light is introduced through the existing holes as well as the main staircase, which becomes more permeable and translucent.