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Location: Málaga (España).
Client: Cruz Roja Española. Oficina Provincial de Málaga.
Surface: 3.580 m2.
Date: 2017.
Phase: In progress.

In a heterogeneous contact area between the historical city and the growth towards the river, the new building, centralized in the plot, rises from the ground to establish a parking plant open to the surrounding park.

The perimeter space, like the new Capuchinos park, has spaces for walking, growing plants and trees for resting, enabling a children’s area in a depressed area compared to the original level.

The planned park climbs through the building itself until it culminates in a vegetation cover.

Three accesses, as backbone of the building, increase the permeability of the new construction with the neighborhood. Thus, the needs program of the new headquarters is occupying each of these sectors following common guidelines. The versatility and flexibility of the program are favored, adapting to the needs that the organization requires in the future.

A four-story building (ground floor + 3) added to the aforementioned semi-basement in which the user parking areas are located.

A basement underlines the fragmented geometry of the roofs, using perforated panels and emulating the wind effect. As a ventilated façade, the panels, placed in front of windows, receive a color treatment and a different design inspired by the corporate image of the Red Cross. The light recreates a ludic atmosphere inside.