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Location: Málaga.
Client: Private.
Surface: 290 m2.
Date: 2016.
Phase: Finished.

The property had been unoccupied for years and, despite being a relatively recent home, it was necessary to update its exterior and interior image, optimizing the available spaces and incorporating less functional rooms into everyday use.

The heart of the house was occupied by a space at double height, of a dimension disproportionate to the rest of the house and with a large number of elements that complicated its perception.

The relationship between the kitchen and the living room is improved by prioritizing this centralized space as a reception and interior distribution area, as well as the view from the interior of the exterior gardens.

A geometric latticework in oak wood, frames the central vestibule irrigating towards each of the interior rooms. Neutrality in color and textures brings the required timelessness and elegance.