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Location: Málaga.
Client: Private.
Surface: 106,60 m2.
Date: 2015.
Phase: Finished.

La reforma interior de la vivienda interviene en su compartimentación interior, instalaciones y acabados. Se acometen una serie de actuaciones que mejoran sustancialmente las condiciones de habitabilidad, optimizando los espacios y contribuyendo a dotar de una nueva imagen actualizada el interior, incorporando al uso cotidiano espacios estanciales menos funcionales.

The interior reform of housing intervenes in its interior compartmentalization, facilities and finishes. A series of actions are undertaken that substantially improve the conditions of habitability, optimizing the spaces and contributing to provide a new updated image of the interior, incorporating into everyday use less functional living spaces.

The house has living-dining room, kitchen, terrace, two bedrooms (one of them with bathroom), 1 common bathroom and kitchen, as well as distribution spaces (entrance hall and corridor)

The access to the kitchen is reconsidered. The large opening of the living room to the outside, through the large window favors the distinction of two areas: one dedicated to being, more intimate and collected next to the lobby and another, dining room, linked to the kitchen, with the exterior views and the terrace. Likewise, the distribution hall, of an oversized width, serves as a library, increasing the space available for storage.

The use of sober but durable materials, of a timeless elegance, based mainly on the quality and warmth of the existing wood and the strength of the stone materials, together with the use of neutral type wall coverings with certain current notes provides the home a final image according to the personality that its occupant wishes to project into it.