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Location: Málaga.
Surface: 3.000 m2.
Date: 2016.
Phase: Finished.

The project is committed to the creation of interior environments in which creativity and the surprise factor are essential, based on concepts and forms that refer to the digital world as inspiration and as a form, the triangular geometry of the logo of the Municipal Company.

Each area is personalized by totems that distinguish and welcome users and visitors.

The elements of functional furniture and lighting combine with others that abound in the surprise factor: daring shapes and colors, armchairs reminiscent of carnival masks, carpets inspired by the designs of the earthenware tiles existing on the outside of the building, decontextualized bright signage in size and color, etc.

The workspaces have been designed according to the purposes to which they are going to be destined but allowing an easy displacement.

Everything is immersed in a functional and creative environment linked to the digital world but emphasizing the visual and casual atmosphere that is to be promoted.