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Location: Puente de Génave (Jaén).
Client: Ayto. de Puente de Génave
Surface: 3.750 m2.
Date: 2010.
Phase: Competition.

The project proposes the intervention on a preexistence without modifying it, offering two roads, a crossing, distances to see and to show. Meanwhile, the work of Santiago Ydáñez has to serve as a cultural impulse for the town.

Starting from the conservation of the volumetry of the old industrial buildings, the link between the location of the old factory and the new highway is emphasized, contributing to the territorial development of the Center.

In a pre-existing confluence of roads, a double access to the Museum is proposed, from the previous outer level or from level -1, recreated as an access garden that serves as a connection between interior and exterior.

The tour of the visitors is organized according to a sequence of scenes. In the same way, the laboratories and personnel warehouses are close from the rest of the circulations.